My designs are developed on Swedish handlooms in a bright and airy studio. By not automating the process, I am able to be intimately involved with every step. As each idea evolves, every inch of yarn passes through my hands multiple times as it is prepared and woven, with small changes and continuous iterations. 

Slowing down the process allows time for every aspect of the textiles—aesthetics, function, longevity, materials—to develop and find voice in the final design.

Handwoven textiles have a nuance and character unique to themselves. Here are a couple of easy things to look for when examining handwovens: 

  • Places where the yarn is doubled. This is where a new yarn was added in to the web, either to replace an empty bobbin on the hand shuttle or to replace a knot in the warp.
  • The slight wave of a hand-pulled selvedge. This comes from each time the weaver throws the shuttle and sets the edge with a little tug before beating, creating an attractive bound selvedge that can be highlighted rather than hidden.